Experienced DJs, talented musicians, saxophonists and violinists and amazing live bands to entertain you and your guests during your event. 

Professional lighting systems solutions for every event 

Technicians undertake the spectacular fireworks display to impress

With PartyBooth you can make your night literally unforgettable, capturing the moments in a special way. 

Projectors of all formats, Video Walls (Plasma, Led) indoors and outdoors, 3D mapping on any surface, Video Shows, Tele Voting Systems for any kind of presentation and V-Djing (music for dancing with simultaneous projection of video clips).

Professional dance floors of all kinds, parquet, white, black, tracks with mirror, for open and closed spaces, ideal for events even in gardens and suitable for any dance party.

We study, design and implement the appropriate constructions for the configuration of the ideal space for every occasion.

The procedure

The Steps to Success


Initial Request

Contact us. 

Μας περιγράφετε την ιδέα σας, τον τύπο της εκδήλωσής σας, καθώς και το πόσα άτομα περίπου θα καλέσετε κι εμείς ξεκινάμε τη διαδικασία της προετοιμασίας.



The process of preparation

We communicate with our partners, trying to come up with the final idea and the final design for your event.

Then we will contact you again.   



After contacting our partners, we will contact you again telling you our ideas and thoughts about your event. After discussing and concluding, we design a final program with the steps we need to take until your event



At this stage, we find all the means, the constructions and in general everything you need technologically and constructively for your event. We organize even the smallest detail and get ready for the event! 



Είναι η ημέρα της εκδήλωσής σας. Ώρες πριν, καταφτάνουμε στον χώρο, οργανώνουμε τις τελευταίες λεπτομέρειες και ετοιμαζόμαστε για τη στιγμή που θα ξεκινήσει το event σας.


Your Opinion

After the event we are always available for you, to listen to your comments, your observations and in general everything related to your event. 

We will be very happy to introduce us to your friends and to see you again at your next event!

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