More light, less light …

This balance is subtle but it is of utmost importance as proper lighting gives a different and impressive dimension to any space, highlighting it. At the same time, it creates the perfect environment for a unique business event or dance party where color and rhythm are paired and combined with music, which is an art that only few give the required attention.

We give you professional solutions, for both simple and complex lighting systems that we recommend for all lighting details depending on the area and event that interests you.


Party lights

Architectural lighting

  • String Lights 
  • Fairy Lights 
  • Architectural lighting of buildings and spaces 
  • Pin Spot Lighting, point lighting

Party Mobile Services, with a continuously successful course since 1996, with thousands of events to its credit, provides all the professionals you need to your wedding reception. We provide DJs, musicians, orchestras, sound technicians, photobooths, fireworks, dance floors, special constructions and audiovisual media.

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